Want to get LUCKY?

Truthball Celtic EditionPIC

Some people say finding someone special is just pure luck, and others know it is a matter of sifting through what you know about someone to make the right choices. It is not rocket science, but getting to know someone is a good thing, but sometimes asking the questions is the hard part.

How do you get the conversation going? Truthball takes the hard part out of the equation and lets you get to know your potential partner, or loved one, or group of friends right away. Truthball is based on Truth or Dare, but allows you to pick the topic from a menu and offers over fifty topic sets to work through. The balls come with various amounts of topic sets included and let’s you add other new sets as you desire. This month, the Celtic Edition ball is a nice one to add to your collection of beautiful Truthballs. Get your Blarney on and order one for yourself or your venue and get talking. What do you have to lose? Let Truthball get you talking. You might even get lucky. Trutball is Second Life’s best selling Truth or Dare type game.

At Truthball, we offer not just a game but many themed game  balls and Halloween brings us reason to celebrate. If you have someone special you need a gift for or, if your venue needs a cute themed Truthball to get folks talking during this season look no further than Witchy Bear Truthball.


Truthballs cost less then your next suit or formal gown, at these prices you can collect all our themes. You can buy Witchy Bear here on Marketplace and stop by my store to pick up anyone of my themed truthballs. Dare to ask and dare to answer…Truthball is Second Life’s best Truth or Dare game sold since 2008.

It’s that spooky time of year and everyone loves to decorate. We at  Truthball  have four Halloween  designed Truth or Dare game options. First up is the Halloween Cauldron. Everyone loves a smoking cauldron and ours comes complete with a head in it! It is the best cauldron design in Second Life and it doubles as a Truthball game.

Truthball Truth or Dare Game Cauldron Edition


Halloween is not complete without cooking up some major mischief. This ball comes with the basic six question sets and includes the Halloween set just for fun. Use it for decoration or use it for your Halloween party…you won’t be disappointed. Each ball holds up to 32 sets of questions…add the ones you like and play using our menu so you have total control. Dare to ask, Dare to play Truthball: Truth or Dare! Buy this beauty on Marketplace here. Or TP on down to our favorite shopping mall at our BOSL store and pick one up there.

Tired of kissing a frog and disappointed when they do not transform into your image of prince of princess??

Any Second Life Avatar can solve relationship problems by using Truthball (truth or dare game), because it lets you get to know your partner or friends fast, and avoid relationships with avatars who are a waste of your time and heart. Let Truthball ask the hard to ask questions and get the conversation going!

LeesaDonner_Truthball_April_FullPage 512x512 BOSL

Unmask your partner with Truthball.

Solve Your Relationship Problems, FAST!

You know what it’s like to date in Second Life. You’ve started and stopped lots of relationships, joined lots of groups, danced away at a lot of clubs, tried to mold your avatar to be the best you can be but your relationships never really end up working out like you dreamed. Perhaps you’re even feeling a little blue and disappointed with yourself and your ability to find someone really special. You feel like no matter what you try, it never works out and maybe you have even gone so far to say, NEVER AGAIN, or worse yet, “I’m leaving Second Life! Broken hearts just suck.

Change What You Are Doing To Change Your SL Experience!

In fact, if you don’t change what you are doing, if you don’t try something new then your relationships are just going to continue to suck, right? You have heard the saying that that definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same results! Well, it’s true. There is a cost for repeating the same behavior…so take some time this time. Buy a Truthball, let it delve into the psyche of your partner or friends and get to know them quickly and up front BEFORE you invest your heart! Sounds good, right? So, what are you waiting for? BUY A TRUTHBALL TODAY and transform how your relationships work out before you invest your heart! But don’t just take my word for it, see what previous customers have said.

Weston Lane of Hana Aloha Estates
My wife and I bought Truthball for ourselves. We had such a great time playing it that we bought another one for our estate. It is a wonderful game, awesome for getting to know friends and lovers alike. Hours of really good fun. We played with large groups and small groups. It never ceases to amazing me what a good time everyone has and how intimate  and fun the conversation becomes. You can choose from many module to suit your own taste for intimate and naughty details as well as less provocative ones. But the questions are all so well thought out and interesting. Each one brings new smiles and good times. BRAVO TRUTHBALL!! – Highly Recommended – Two Thumbs Up!!

Clementine Whitt
Tons of fun with close friends or brand new ones. Can be innoscent or quite dirty depending on what you’re most comfortable with. I’ve used this at parties to get to know everyone and with my BF to get to know him a little better. Highly recommended!!

Kaiden Diavolo
I was looking for something truth or dare style for my club and I came across the truthball. This is so fantastic! People have had so much fun answering these questions! Absolutely would recommend this to anyone. Great questions, hope you come out with more!

Red Hykova
I heard an advertisement for the TruthBall on a live stream, i’d never heard of it before but i was curious enough to look on XStreet and see what it was about. I loved the idea, a conversation piece, and when i saw the price i bought one right away. I love it!!..Its so much fun!! You can play for hours and still not answer the same question twice…it really breaks the ice with friends (and strangers!!..lol) at parties..I’ve had mine a couple of weeks now and i’ve started writing a few questions of my own :p   It’s a great gift, I gave one to my sister this week to say sorry for blowing up her house and she forgave me instantly, she loves it too.
I think everyone should have a TruthBall, its not really a party without one! 🙂


What You Get

Truthball truth or dare game is not like any other in Second Life. Why?

  • More good content
  • Modular design that lets you add up to 32 topics per ball
  • Topic menu that lets you select what you want depending on your mood
  • Many design choices
  • Low prim count models
  • Over 50 plus topics to choose from from PG to Super Sexy
  • It keeps delivering and never grows boring
  • Best selling truth or dare game in SL, most satisfied customers
  • Best gift for birthday or wedding in SL
  • Comes with a base set of content that lasts for hours and hours
  • Let’s you write your own content

Truthball has been delivering great content to satisfied customers since 2009. No other game of its type has sold to more satisfied customers than Truthball. Truthball is used by sim owners, DJs, and trainers to get avatars talking. We may cost a bit more than some other products but we deliver more. You’re worth it, right?

We Guarantee You Will Enjoy Truthball

Buy Truthball, use it, and if you don’t like it just drop me a notecard and let me know and I’ll give you all your money back. I’m taking a risk by doing this, but Truthball is just that good.

You’re at the point of decision. You can either continue down the path of least resistance, the path you have already been traveling, or you can choose the road less traveled. The path of least resistance will probably result in you getting the same outcomes you’ve always received. But if you want something different to happen, if you want to change the direction of your SL relationships you’re going to have to do something different. Make a new choice, and pursue your new outcome. BUY TRUTHBALL NOW.

PS: The time is now. Don’t let your SL relationship keep taking from you until you have nothing left to give. Do you have the courage to ask what you never could before? Buy Truthball, and let it open your relationship up like never before! Will you go for it? Will you take action? CLICK HERE TO DO IT NOW.

Yours truly,

Leesa Donner,  Owner and Creator of Truthball
The best selling and most successful truth or dare game in Second Life


There are a lot of things you can buy in Second Life but few that keep on giving like Truthball. Truthball is Second Life’s best selling truth or dare game since 2008. It is the only game of its type with over 50 different question sets you can add.

Truthball Valentine Edition_512 x 512

Why buy Truthball Truth or Dare Game for Valentine’s Day? Well, because it is the fastest way to get to know someone you want to know in Second Life because it asks the questions you do not want to! Whether you just want to get to know someone or you have a hot and heavy romance, we have question sets for you. For Valentines Day, we have a sweet Teddy Bear version, but if you go to our store you will see we have many varieties of Truthballs for your gaming pleasure.

Truthball lets you control what you want to play by letting you pick the question sets from a list. You can add new question sets at anytime. It is the only game that lets you create your own set and add it as well.

Truthball may cost a little bit more, but for less than you might pay for a pretty dress or fancy shoes, you will get a game that will keep you having fun for hours and hours with your special someone OR with all your friends. And let’s face it you deserve the best!

Get the game that has Second Life avatars talking. Surprise your friends or lover with a gift of Truthball. If you do not love it, we will refund your money. That is how much we believe in our product. Truthball is the best gift in Second Life.



I love this Truthball Ad that was created by Houms Thor. He was able to capture the essence of Truthball and how it brings groups of people together. Sim owners, DJs, Venue owners all use Truthball to get people talking in SL. It is the best party game in SL as well and no wonder it is the best selling truth or dare game in SL!

GroupTruthball Ad

There are other games out there, but their content is limited. They don’t let you choose the content you are in the mood for..what better game than one YOU control, you update when you need more content as Truthball holds up to 32 sets and you can add or remove what you want OR even create your own customized set of questions.

Yes, I enjoyed creating this ad with Houms. Lots of vintage models in this one. Can you guess who?

Truthball offers two special Truthballs this month, our St. Patrick’s Day Edition and our Celtic Truthball.

If you are feeling really lucky this month you might think of adding our St. Patrick’s Day Truthball to your collection. It is perfect for your St. Patrick’s Day Party and includes a question set to help get your party going…so along with the green beer and the festivities we all need a pot of gold in our life..so before you go rolling in the four leaf clover this month..come check out our St. Patrick’s Day Edition ball in the form of your lucky pot of gold. This ball includes nine question sets. This ball is magically delicious in so many ways…


Our Celtic Edition is one of our most beautiful balls. It definitely has Celtic beauty and charm and would make a lovely addition to a home as well as double as a truth or dare game when the mood strikes.

Truthball Celtic EditionPIC

All Truthballs are available online in Second Life Marketplace or in one of our in world stores. Custom balls are available if you IM Leesa Donner.

I confess, I am a prim whore. I love prims, lots of them…when I rent, I always rent land with lots of prims so I can  decorate, but not everyone is so lucky, so with that in mind, Truthball does have some Low prim offerings.

Our first option is 6 prims, it was our first entry into the lower prim market. We call this our Low Prim version. But read on, we have more options!


Next we developed an Ultra Low Prim Truthball, it has the same contents but only 3 prims. This one also comes in a DJ variety, which comes with a stand. Great choice for venues!


The best options are in our new Gallery Truthballs. Two versions have 6 or less prims. Check out the BDSM and Female options.


For the person who has no land, but wants to play, we also sell Truthball bracelets. Same great Truthball but you wear it so there is zero land impact. They come in one of four colors. Just wear and play Truthball anywhere you go…

Truthball Bracelet Colors

Whatever land you have we have a Truthball Option for you! Truthball, the best truth or dare game in Second Life! Check out the question set tab to see what questions you are missing!

Right after we launched Truthball, I was approached by someone in the BDSM lifestyle to create a BDSM ball. This fellow and his girlfriend had a BDSM sim and thought it would be great to offer up some questions that were customized for what they were interested in.  I thought it was a great idea and they offered to write the questions. I had the questions vetted by other friends in that life style and soon the new ball was launched. I have to admit, I spend some time on Google looking things up!


The creator of my Truthball Objects for most of the history of Truthball is Torus Heliosense, who is the owner of Teathered BDSM products as well. He created the ball in the photo above and he also created the beautiful line called the Bound Edition, which is a group of four amazingly beautiful objects that do not pop to the top of the Marketplace best sellers and get lost in our long list of products. These are some of my favorite Truthball objects and whether you are into BDSM or not, the questions can be added or removed so if you like these objects you can customize one to your likeing.

TruthballBE1boxedPIC TruthBall Bound_VII TruthBall Bound_VIII_512 x 512 Truthball Bound_vIV_512 x 512

Most recently, Truthball teamed up with a new artist (Jⓞhan Lionheart (andrejohan)) and created the Gallery Truthballs and within this grouping we offer a BDSM version as well. We have also included more questions and a third set of BDSM questions called Sub2Dom. These are lower in prim (Land impacts of about 6) as well and stunningly beautiful. This version comes in a full avatar size or a table top size. These also do not get promoted as well on Marketplace so do look for them.


So before you buy a BDSM Truthball, make sure you have seen our entire line before you make your decision. We offer a full satisfaction guarantee, so what have you got to lose? Buy BDSM Truthballs Here.

What could be better than a beautiful teddy bear for Valentine’s Day? How about one that is also a Truthball? What gift that you can give delivers like a Truthball game? What gift asks the questions that you want to ask, but maybe were too embarrassed? TRUTHBALL!

Truthball Valentine Edition_512 x 512

So, whether you need a gift for the holiday or are decorating up your venue…or needs something as the centerpiece for a Valentine’s Day party, look no further than Truthball…and for the next few weeks, you can buy one for only 299L!!! What a deal! You can pay for it and harvest the notecards you don’t have in your regular Truthball from it after the holiday and keep on playing!